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GCB Guan Chong Berhad

We are proud to be one of the world’s leading cocoa companies.

Guan Chong Cocoa Manufacturing SDN BH – Guan Chong Berhad

Welcome to GCB Cocoa, introducing decades of experience in the chocolate and cocoa industry. Our groups history originally begun back in the 1980s when we were principally involved in the trading of cocoa beans. From 1985, where Guan Chong Berhad inaugurated the start of GCB Cocoa Group.

GCB first invested in a Malaysian Cocoa processing factory in Pasir Gudang, Johor in 1991, today, GCB COCOA is Asia’s largest cocoa processor and principally involved in the manufacturing of cocoa-derived food ingredients, namely cocoa mass, cocoa butter, cocoa cake and cocoa powder. 

GCB Guan Chong Berhad
GCB Head Quarters - Malaysia

The Group’s history traces back to the early 1980s when it primarily traded cocoa beans. In 1983, it ventured into cocoa bean processing by establishing a factory in Parit Jawa, Muar, Johor. With a vision to lead the local cocoa processing industry, the management sold the Parit Jawa plant in 1990 and constructed a new facility in the Pasir Gudang Industrial Area under GCCM.

The Favorich brand emerged in 1995, and a decade later, the acquisition of Carlyle Cocoa in the USA marked an entry into a new market. Expansion continued in 2010 with the establishment of Favorich in Indonesia and Singapore. 

In 2018, GCB achieved a significant milestone by becoming the number one Asian grinder and the fourth largest globally.

In 2020, GCB ventured into the chocolate and European markets by acquiring the well-established Schokinag-Schokolade Industrie chocolate factory and securing a new site in the UK for chocolate manufacturing and cocoa processing.

A remarkable achievement occurred in 2022 with the completion of the Ivory Coast cocoa processing plant, commemorated with an opening ceremony in 2023.

GCB Cocoa – Global Footprint