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Cocoa Products

We pride ourselves in delivering exceptional, delightful products and personalised cocoa solutions that cater to the requirements of our esteemed customers.

Cocoa Powder

Cocoa Powder

GCB offers an extensive variety of Cocoa Powder, including both low-fat and high-fat options. This unsweetened chocolate product is derived when cocoa butter is extracted from cocoa beans during processing. The resulting cocoa cake is finely pulverized and ground to produce a fine cocoa powder, available in natural or alkalized forms. Traditionally utilised in the formulation of cocoa beverages, biscuits, desserts, and other related F&B products.

Our Cocoa Powder is carefully packed in 25kg poly-lined, multi-walled kraft paper bags and shipped from Asia. Types include Low Fat (10-12%), High Fat (20-22%), High Fat (22-24%), Classic Series, and Signature Series.

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Cocoa butter

Cocoa Butter, extracted from well-roasted cocoa beans, boasts a rich cocoa aroma. We provide two distinct types:

  1. Pure, Primed, and Pressed: Derived directly from cocoa nibs through mechanical (hydraulic) pressing, without additional steam treatment. Pure Prime Pressed (PPP) cocoa butter offers a moderate cocoa aroma and retains the original flavor of the bean. Widely utilised in authentic chocolate to enhance cocoa flavor, providing a smooth texture and glossy finish.

  2. Deodorized: Crafted from melted cocoa butter that undergoes steam injection for deodorization. Deodorized cocoa butter possesses a plain and neutral taste, offering exceptional versatility for use in chocolate making and cosmetic applications.

Cocoa Mass

Cocoa Mass

The GCB Cocoa Mass originates from our proprietary factory in the Ivory Coast. This by-product of cocoa liquor is compressed into solid disk-shaped forms with a fat content ranging from 10-12%. Our Cocoa Mass is meticulously packaged in 15kg or 25kg cartons. It embodies the distinct characteristics of West African cocoa liquor, boasting rich cocoa flavor with fruity notes, a hint of acidity, and a touch of bitterness.

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Need something else?

Recognising that your requirements may be one-of-a-kind, you might be seeking a chocolate creation that has yet to exist. We are eager to collaborate with you to address any challenges you face in developing new products.

Feel free to reach out to our GCB Cocoa UK Sales Team: Email:

Cocoa Powder